Republican Chip Roy Blocks Disaster Aid Bill Over No Border Funds

Republican Rep Chip Roy used unanimous consent to block a disaster aid bill because Democrats refused to supply any money for our Southern Border, among other reasons.

It’s a nice gesture and one that should have been used when Republicans still controlled the House, but couldn’t because Paul Ryan is an open borders guy. The 19 billion dollar bill is earmarked for Puerto Rico and states that were hit by hurricanes. That money is now on hold. Roy also said that the bill should not be passed without a vote on the bill.

The Democrats will not supply money for the border because it favors Americans over illegals and that is not where Democrats are as a party.

From Breitbart News

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) blocked a unanimous consent vote Friday on a disaster relief bill because the bill lacked any humanitarian relief or border security funding.

The Senate passed a $19.1 billion disaster relief bill on Thursday to aid various states afflicted by hurricanes and other natural disasters throughout the last year. The Senate bill passed 85-8.

Rep. Roy, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, objected to a unanimous consent vote, which would allow the bill to pass without having every congressman vote on the bill itself.

“I’m here today primarily because if I do not object, Congress will have passed into law a bill that spends $19 billion of taxpayer money without members of Congress being present in our nation’s Capitol to vote on it,” Roy said on the House floor.

The Texas conservative contended that the bill does nothing to address the other humanitarian crisis–the massive influx of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers on America’s southern border.

“Secondly, it’s a bill that includes nothing to address the clear national emergency and humanitarian crisis we have at our southern border,” Roy said.