Report says the Trump Tower Meeting was allegedly a SETUP!

RealClearInvestigations investigated the Trump Tower meeting with a Russian attorney. They have found it was likely a set up in order to hurt Trump’s chances in the election… Also, later to undermine his presidency.

Both efforts failed miserably. Because Trump does what he thinks is right and doesn’t concede when others criticize his moves. Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer, hired Fusion GPS to help her try to roll back the Magnitsky Act. In sworn testimony, Glenn Simpson (a founder of Fusion GPS) testified he met with Natalia Veselnitskaya. Both the day before and the day after she attended the Trump Tower meeting.

From Realclearinvestigations

Nonetheless, Simpson also testified that he had no knowledge of the meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and others until it was reported a year later. There is reason to doubt that account.

In fact, the Russian lawyer at the center of the meeting, Natalia Veselnitskaya, was his client.

She has publicly stated that she used talking points developed by Simpson for the Russian government in that discussion. Kremlin officials also posted the allegations on the Prosecutor General’s website, and shared them with visiting U.S. congressional delegations.

In addition, Simpson has testified that he had dinner with Veselnitskaya the night before the meeting and the night after.

Veselnitskaya hired Simpson in spring 2014 for work that lasted, according to Simpson’s Senate testimony, until “mid to late 2016.”

I find it interesting the employment of Fusion GPS (by the Russian lawyer) ended right after the election.  If she were trying to influence the election in favor of Hillary, that’s when you would expect it to end. Also, understand that if the meeting wasn’t a setup and Donald Jr. was expecting dirt on Hillary, that would not be illegal. As long as they didn’t pay for it like Hillary did with the dossier. That is against the law and she is being sued over it.

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