Report Says Antifa Made Up of Spoiled Rich Kids

David Marcus in a July 1 article in the Federalist, wrote about Antifa and who makes up their majority.

First of all, notice that 95% of them are lily-white and when they are arrested and the masks come off, they are mostly spoiled white punks. The funny thing is that Antifa is made up almost entirely of white fascists and yet the media tries to play them up as a diverse group and Democrats sing their praises because they criminally assault conservatives.

Antifa wears masks not because they are afraid what the law will do as we have seen they never pay a price no matter how serious the assault. They wear masks so mommy and daddy don’t cut them off or out of their wills.

From Breitbart News

On the left, however, race seems not to matter to the media, and Antifa is a case in point. Yet race actually does come into play here, and Antifa is a quintessentially white leftist group.

“Antifa’s goals are not those of most non-white Americans,” Marcus points out. “Most non-white Americans don’t want to destroy the systems of government, abolish the police, end capitalism, or cripple corporations.”

“The group is absolutely trying to impose a style of anarchy that is steeped in (and almost unique to) whiteness,” he writes.

The truth concealed behind the masks is essential in the case of Antifa, precisely because of the contrived image of diversity they endeavor to project.

“When cowards wear masks to engage in violence, we must remove the masks to see who we are actually dealing with—not the fairy tale of diversity version,” Marcus states.

“Don’t believe the progressive narrative: Antifa is mostly a bunch of privileged white dudes,” he concludes.

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