Rep John Ratcliffe: Adam Schiff Should Be Called in to Testify Under Oath

Rep John Ratcliffe thinks Adam Schiff should step down as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, because he is a material witness and should testify about the whistleblower and why he lied about knowing him or her.

I think he should face impeachment charges. He obviously lied to the House and to the voters and in the process entered into a conspiracy with the whistleblower in a coup attempt on the president.

From The Gateway Pundit

Former US Attorney and US Representative John Ratcliffe (R-TX) joined Maria Bartiromo on a power-packed Sunday Morning Futures.

Rep. Ratcliffe told Maria Bartiromo that someone needs to put Adam Schiff under oath.

Maria Bartiromo: Do you think Attorney General Bill Barr ought to put Adam Schiff under oath?

Rep. Ratcliffe: Well, someone needs to put Adam Schiff under oath. We can’t remove a president in a whistleblower process where there are legitimate questions about the role that Adam Schiff and his team played in it. And I’m promising you that when you read the inspector general transcript from Friday you’ll agree with me that those are questions that Adam Schiff and his team are going to have to answer.

Via Sunday Morning Futures

Schiff said that neither he nor his staff ever talked to the whistleblower but the New York Times blew that story apart by revealing that Schiff was in contact with the whistleblower before the whistleblower informed the ICIG, which is against all the rules of the whistleblower law. This was never about Trump wrongdoing, this was about a coup attempt.

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