Rashida Tlaib Calls for Changing Our Political and Economic Systems

Rashida Tlaib is calling for an end to capitalism and our representative republic and wants to replace it with socialism. The political end of it I am sure she would replace with the Muslim Brotherhood to create an American caliphate.

I am seriously hoping that she and her fellow Squad members lose in 2020 and are replaced by true Americans. She somehow thinks our economy can be replaced with a worker based system but then where would investment capital come from?


From Breitbart News

Tlaib wrote the tweet in reference to a June interview she gave to Next Left. The Michigan lawmaker talked about how she and her fellow “Squad” members are “pretty new” to the political arena as women of color and argued that they are “easy targets because people easily will fear us if they just tell people, ‘Be scared.’”

“‘She’s Palestinian, you should be scared. She’s also Muslim. Be scared,’ but it’s because you know the, the GOP, the individual one in the White House, is feeding into hate because that’s all they have right now,” she said, placing the blame squarely on President Trump.

“They don’t have a plan. They don’t know what they’re going to do about infrastructure. The health-care crisis, the immigration, humanitarian crisis that we’re facing right now in our country, it’s pretty unprecedented what we’ve seen in our country,” she continued, adding that there is a “real human impact” of “doing nothing.”

“You know, this is an institution that is very much broken right now and very much in need of an injection of, you know, looking at the real human impact of doing nothing,” she said.

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