Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court Ousts New Governor…. Now Have 3rd One in Last Two Weeks

They must have a new lottery in Puerto Rico in which every week the winner becomes the new governor.

After their Supreme Court ruled that Pedro Pierluisi could not serve as governor because he was not confirmed by both houses of the legislature. The governor prior to him, ex-Gov. Ricardo Rosselló was forced to step down as governor for corruption.

The newest governor is Justice Secretary Wanda Vazquez Garced, an ally to Rossello.

Ironically, Vazquez has been criticized for refusing to open an investigation into Rosselli and members of his administration for mishandling funds and supplies received from the United States for hurricane relief.

From The Daily Caller

Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that its new governor, elevated to replace a leader accused of corruption, has got to go.

Pedro Pierluisi will have to step down after being promoted from secretary of state because he was never confirmed to that position by both chambers of the island’s legislature, reported CNN. Justice Secretary Wanda Vazquez Garced, an ally of ex-Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, is set to become governor.

Two prominent Puerto Rican politicians filed lawsuits to remove Pierluisi after Rosselló resigned Aug. 2. San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz are behind the suits, NBC News reported Monday.

Schatz’s suit maintains that Pierluisi stop acting as governor since he has only been confirmed by the island’s House of Representatives, reported CBS News

Pierluisi became secretary of state after Rosselló’s Secretary of State Luis G. Rivera Marín stepped down as part of the same scandal that brought down the former governor. Thousands of protesters in Puerto Rico demanded Rosselló resign over corruption charges and what many believe are misogynistic private messages he shared with officials. Even U.S. lawmakers weighed in.

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