President Trump Takes Major Steps Against Forest Fires, Mainstream Media Ignores

President Trump has taken some major action to prevent the tragic forest fires in California, which Democrats have ignored for years. The thickness of the forests and heavy underbrush have made it possible for forest fires to get out of control over the past dozen years or so.

Instead of addressing the situation, the left just says it’s caused by global warming and go about their business as if it’s a minor issue below their station. In California, Democratic politicians are owned by conservationists, who have fought forest reform for years, even after this year’s Camp Fire, which killed 85 people.

President Trump’s plan is a simple one. He will allow logging on federal land and focuses on the cutting of dead trees and clearing brush, that has been the main fuel for these fires. They will also use the logging to create breaks in the forest, that will slow down the fires and give firefighters a better chance of containing fires before they get out of control.

You haven’t heard of this? That’s because the media refuses to cover all the good works of this president.

From The Conservative Tribune

“We’re tired of giving California hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars all the time for their forest fires, when you wouldn’t have them if they managed their forests properly,” Trump said in October.

Zinke also slammed environmentalists for refusing to clean the forests.

“We have been held hostage by these environmental terrorist groups that have not allowed public access — that have refused to allow (the) harvest of timber,” Zinke said in August.

After ignoring their warnings, California suffered the destructive “Camp Fire” wildfire, which resulted in at least 85 deaths.

Thankfully, Trump’s new executive order will help combat some of the problems with America’s forests.

I guess the reason the mainstream never covers things like this is that they are too busy creating fake news.