President Trump Says Signatures on Ballots Don’t Match Files

President Trump is hopping mad about all of the voter fraud being perpetrated this election and yesterday, he singled out Arizona. On election night, Martha McSally led in the voting. But there were a lot of ballots where the signature didn’t match the one on file. When they were added into the count Kyrsten Sinema was leading. President Trump pointed out the discrepancy and has called for a new vote, supervised by honest people, I assume.

In fact, Pima County, a Democratic stronghold are still adding votes to this very moment. Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez says that in cases like that, you call the voter to confirm their vote. But what she left out is that you can only do that before the election, not after, so none of these votes can be legally confirmed.


Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez says the signature on some ballot envelopes doesn’t match the signature on file, especially for voters who used their finger to sign an electronic pad at the DMV.

“Sometimes the signatures do not match, they don’t look anywhere near it. So that’s why we call to attest and verify that that is, in fact, the voter,” Rodriguez said.

But Republican officials say county recorders only have the authority to do that up through election day, not after. If a judge agrees, that would mean recorders have to stop checking signatures of people whose ballots remain unopened after election day.

UPDATE: The Republicans and the Democrats have reached an agreement. Up until now, just the two largest Democratic counties were adding new votes. Under the agreement, Republicans can do the same in every country through next Wednesday.