President Trump Now Negotiating With Guatemala to Stop Caravans

President Trump is in talks with the Guatemalan government to make that country a “safe third country” that would prevent illegals from other countries from passing through Guatemala in order to make their way into the United States.

If approved, it would force those from Salvador and Honduras to request asylum in Guatemala rather than using the country as a route to the United States. They are the only one of the three countries that share a border with Mexico.

If effective, that would cut out the huge caravans that have been using Guatemala as a starting point and with Mexico stationing 6,000 troops on the border, that would greatly reduce illegal immigration.

From Breitbart News

Under the terms of the [draft] agreement, migrants fleeing persecution in El Salvador and Honduras would be required to seek asylum in Guatemala, a gateway to Mexico and the United States,” said the June 13 report by Voice of America News.

With few exceptions, those who continue north to the U.S. without testing their chances in Guatemala would be sent back to Guatemala by U.S. immigration authorities

The White House finalized the draft agreement Monday, according to the source, and the agreement was expected to be presented to Guatemala officials as early as Thursday [June 13] — three days before a first round of presidential elections in that country.

A “safe third country” deal declares that migrants must apply for asylum in the first safe country they reach — and it allows the quick rejection of asylum claims if the migrants request asylum in more distant countries, such as the United States.

From March to June, roughly 350,000 migrants used Congress’s border loopholes to walk through the border and into Americans’ blue-collar workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods. The low-wage migrants will provide cheaper services and higher stock values to upper-income Americans.