President Trump Drops Hints That He IS Going To Fire Rod Rosenstein

President Trump says he plans on removing the stench from the Department of Justice. That means Rod Rosenstein is on life support after the NYT exposed the alleged fact that Rosenstein said he would wear a wire and would also recruit members of the cabinet for the purpose of enacting the 25th Amendment in order to drive President Trump from office.

He has also not been happy with Rosenstein over the bogus Russia investigation and his willingness to hide information from Congress. Naturally, Rosenstein is denying everything. The information about him came from memos of Andrew McCabe.

From The Blaze

The report from the New York Times said Friday that Rosenstein had said he was willing to record the president in an effort to force the implementation of the 25th Amendment operation to oust him from the Oval Office.

Trump appeared to reference the report when telling the rally audience that he was going to rid the Department of Justice of a “stench.”

“Just look at what is now being exposed in the Department of Justice and the FBI,” Trump said, “look at what’s going on.”

“We have great people in the Department of Justice, we have great people, these are people, I really believe,” he continued. “You take a poll, I gotta be at 95 percent, but you got some real bad ones!”

I was expecting Trump to fire Rosenstein after the Russian investigation is over, but that may not be true anymore, considering the circumstances. He may have to fire him for rank insubordination and replace him with someone is up for the job. As of right now, we have no AG or Deputy AG. It’s about time that we did.