President Trump Adds Another Foreign Policy Victory

While the Democrats tell us that President Trump hates gays. he has achieved success in Botswana, where they have finally decriminalized homosexuality. But like other accusations put out there by Democrats, this too is false.

In 2005, Donald Trump defended gay marriage. At the same time, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Barack Obama were all against gay marriage. When they flip-flopped on the issue, the press said they had “evolved”. Trump didn’t need to evolve as he was already there. Mar-a-Lago was the first Palm Beach Club to welcome gay couples.

Trump also has a long history of hiring people who were openly gay to positions of responsibility.

From Breitbart News

The southern African nation of Botswana decriminalized gay sex on Tuesday, as its high court overturned a colonial-era law on Tuesday barring the practice.

CNN reported that the decision was “a landmark victory for Africa’s LGBTQ movements.” It was also a victory for President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, which launched an initiative earlier this year aimed at decriminalizing gay sex in those countries that still outlaw it.

It is not clear why CNN neglected to mention the Trump administration initiative — though the network has often been at odds with the president. The mainstream media have focused in recent days instead on a controversy involving an order by the administration that the Gay Pride flag not be flown with the American flag at embassies abroad.

Nevertheless, it remains true that Trump has personally emphasized the campaign to decriminalize gay sex. On May 31, he tweeted in honor of LGBT Pride Month, reiteratinghis call for worldwide decriminalization.