Portland Police Orders Antifa Out of the Park as Leftist “Soviet Squad” Moves In

The Portland policed ordered the violent Antifa domestic terrorists out of the park as the leftist “Soviet Squad” tried to move in. Police say they were armed. Police set off tear gas and flash bombs to drive back the cowardly terrorist group.

The “Soviet Squad” are actually communists that carry USSR flags complete with hammer and sickle. They tried to crash through to the Patriot Prayer protesters. Antifa had thrown a rock and hit a reporter in the head, causing blood to run down his face. In another incident, a cowardly Antifa nimrod bashed a Trump supporter from behind and sent him to the ground with blood gushing from his head.

“BREAKING: POLICE JUST ORDERED ANTIFA (group on the west side of Naito) TO LEAVE THE AREA. Cop on loudspeaker cites armed counterprotesters as the reason.”

More insight from Twitter:

Soviet squad makes its way to the front of the standoff. ”

“No idea where this Nazi flag came from and I couldn’t get a straight answer. You ever try to burn a flag? Not easy!”

Two large antifa groups down here, I’m with one that’s marching in the road, and tracking the Patriot group southbound through downtown, chanting “Nazis out of portland.””

“Apparently this group is still chasing the right-wingers. ”

Where were the police in these videos? They may have been busy dodging the rocks, bricks and bottles the Antifa fascists were tossing at them. Again this will not be the end of it…

From The Washington Examiner

Authorities also found bomb-making materials and chemicals, including aluminum nitrate and aluminum powder. A manifesto that suggested Einerwold was anti-government and a jacket that linked him to Antifa were additionally recovered from his home, Minnehaha County Sheriff Capt. Jason Gearman told the Argus Leader.

Einerwold is being charged in Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties in relation to a string of burglaries and the illegal possession of weapons, in addition to being charged with sale and transportation of a destructive device. He appeared in court Wednesday and is being held on a $200,000 cash-only bond, the Argus Leader added.

From Big League Politics

Police also found multiple completed explosive devices, along with aluminum nitrate and aluminum powder, which are often used to make explosive devices, having no other use. Sitting alongside items related to Antifa, was other items indicating extreme hatred for law enforcement and government. Authorities did not further explain what those items are.

The mainstream media often ignored violence committed by Antifa, while condemning conservative activists who defend themselves against their violence.

Just last month, the pro-free speech group Patriot Prayer, held a rally in Portland, Oregon that quickly delved into violence after Antifa supporters began throwing explosives into the crowd. At that particular event, the right-wing fraternal organization Proud Boys defended supporters of Patriot Prayer, often being forced to engage in defensive violence. After the event, most mainstream media outlets decried the defensive actions of the Proud Boys, while ignoring Antifa’s violent actions.