Politico Founding Editor Used The Word ‘F***nutsville’ In Headline For Analysis Of Trump And Impeachment

Even far left wing Politico Recognizes that the House impeachment probe is freaking circus. Their founding editor  John F. Harris, used the term F*$#nutsville to describe this debacle.

A bigger problem is the clowns are in charge. Adam Schiff is the leader. While reading the transcript of the conversation between President Trump and president Zelenski, just started making things up. When he was cornered about his reading, Schiff realized he was wrong and tried to pass it off as satire.

Harris said he can’t believe the Democrats are trying to impeach Trump over that innocuous transcript.

From The Daily Caller

Politico Magazine headlined a story about impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump as “Just Another Day In Fucknutsville” Friday morning.

The piece, written by Politico founding editor John F. Harris, is an analysis of how the country views House Democrats’ decision Tuesday to begin an official impeachment inquiry into Trump. This decision came after a whistleblower complaint accused the president of asking Ukrainian officials to look into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son’s business dealing in the country.

Politico Magazine’s headline first read, “Just Another Day In Fucknutsville,” and the analysis described that former President Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel coined the term “fucknutsville.” The news outlet updated its headline to read, “Trump Killed the Seriousness of Impeachment.”

“But the reaction, underway even before she started speaking, made clear that for much of the country, it was just another day in what Rahm Emanuel, when he was Barack Obama’s chief of staff, called the metropolis of ‘Fucknutsville,’” Harris wrote.

Harris described how former impeachment proceedings garnered the same reaction from the public. “Accusers are shocked; defenders shrug,” he wrote. “The deeper change is that most Americans no longer respect the institutions of Washington, and many believe at some fundamental level they are not on the level.”