Pentagon Slaps Down Democrat’s Demand for Transgender Military

Democratic Rep Jackie Speier held a meeting of her committee in order to demand that the military accept transgenders by the gender they choose. It was made to clear to the committee that all members of the military will be treated as their biological sex as ordered by President Trump, who banned transgender recognition.

The Supreme Court ruled that they can continue to use Trump’s guidelines and the court will hear the case later. In the private sector, a mistake can get you fired. In the military a mistake can cost your life and the lives of others.

From Breitbart News

Top Democrat and GOP members of the House Armed Services Committee ducked and dodged when a Pentagon official said the sex of transgender soldiers is decided by their biology, not by their claimed “gender identity.”

Service members who claim to be transgender can serve if they meet military standards — but they will be treated like other members of their biological sex, said James Stewart, the acting head of personnel at the Pentagon. The policy was set by President Donald Trump in 2018, and it reversed pro-transgender policies set by former President Barack Obama.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) had invited five transgender service members to shame Stewart with their individual stories at the hearing:

I’m truly astonished by your presentation, I must say. You’ve just had the opportunity to listen to five transgender service members — 10, 15 years [in service], many of them leaders, many of them deployed multiples times — can you honestly tell us that their service is any less valuable than those of their peers?

Stewart responded, saying, “We have transgenders out there serving in their biological sex, meeting the [training and health] standards.”

The answer caused Speier to reveal she wanted the Pentagon to enforce the progressives’ political claim that people’s sex is determined by their “gender identity,” not by their biology:

So much like “don’t ask, don’t tell,” you could serve if you are transgender, but you only will be able to serve in your birth gender [biological sex]. So you are going to have to hide the fact that you are transgender. You’re not going to be able to transition [be recognized as an opposite-sex person]. That is a policy that belongs in the Dark Ages, not in a military of the 21st century.