Pelosi-Schiff Democrats BLOCK ALL FUNDING for US Border Wall — Pass Funding for Border Security To Insane List of Countries

Border walls do not work in the United States according to open border Democrats who also insist on amnesty for up to 22 million illegals already in the country. That is why the Schiff-Pelosi Democrats added no funds to be used for building a border wall here. However, they apparently think border walls work in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. Whose side are the Democrats on anyway?  They even put in a note that they intentionally did not fund the wall and that no money allocated could go towards it. But they leave the amount spent in other countries a lot of leeway on how much can go to each country.

From The Gateway Pundit

These people REALLY HATE America.

The Pelosi-Schiff Democrats passed legislation this year to block ALL FUNDS to secure the US southern border with a border barrier system.
Mexico is a failed narco-state just south of the US border. Nine Americans, including six children were just slaughtered after leaving a wedding party south of the US border.

The Pelosi democrats specifically said in their legislation, “No funding is provided in the bill for new physical barriers along the southwest border.”

Democrats INSIST on having an open border with the failed narco-state of Mexico.

But Democrats did vote for funding of border security for Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Assad’s Syria.

According to Terrence Jeffrey at CNS News:

“Provided further,” says the bill, “That these funds may be used in such amounts as the Secretary of Defense may determine to enhance the border security of nations adjacent to conflict areas including Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia resulting from actions of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.”