Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Democrats Scowl When Trump Said He Wants Drug Cartels Out of Business [VIDEO]

You would think that putting drug cartels out of business would be something even Democrats could get behind, like not murdering babies after they have been born, but you’d be wrong…on both counts.

When President Trump said he planned on putting drug cartels out of business, Democrats scowled. Kamala Harris not only scowled, but she also shook her head no. But, maybe it’s understandable since many of their solutions to problems seem to be drug induced.

In fact, many problems, like killing babies that were born alive and then are killed is not a problem to them. Somehow, they justify killing a live baby as women’s health.

From The Gateway Pundit

During the president’s historic address President Trump promised to put the drug cartels and human traffickers out of business.

Democrats refused to applaud.

This video has been shared hundreds of times, mostly with the Mexican drug cartels in fundraising letters from the Democrats as proof that they are solidly in their corner but that they need lots of money in order to fight Trump and to keep the drug lanes wide open.

I mean seriously. Did Kamala Harris really believe that saying no to ending the drug cartels is a clear path to the presidency? Will she include that in her TV appearances and on the campaign trail during her stump speeches?

Will that resonate with her base?

Or do the Democrats want to keep the drug pipelines open and get bloody killing live babies just because President Trump is against both of those issues?