Palestinian Terrorists Murder Israeli Teenager…Rashida Tlaib Blames the Jews

We really need to purge the House of terrorist sympathizers. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar should be sent back to the West Bank and Somalia since they actually like those places better than America.

Besides, we should never abide by terrorist sympathizers within the halls of congress. Rina Shnerb,  a seventeen-year-old Jewish girl and her father and brother were the victims of Palestinian terrorists after an IED exploded, killing Rina and leaving her father and brother clinging to life.

Tlaib blames Israeli occupation that ended in 2005. Why not blame the girl too. The Squad is despicable.

From The Blaze

From Haaretz:

According to the military, it remains unclear whether the charge was hidden at the site of the explosion or thrown at the family that was hiking there. The army has ruled out the possibility that the charge was hurled out of a moving vehicle and said it appeared the device was home-made.

Defense sources said that the explosive device that was used was large, forceful and required advanced knowledge and skill to assemble. However, it has yet to be determined if the incident is tied to a major organization.

It wasn’t immediately clear who exactly carried out the brutal attack, but Hamas politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh commended whoever did, calling the actions “heroic,” Haaretz reported.

What did Tlaib say?

In response, Tlaib said her “heart goes out to Rina’s family,” then immediately turned to seemingly blame the attack on “Israeli occupation.”


Tlaib was heavily criticized over her response.

One person replied, “This is vile! Have you no shame? How dare you blame the murder of this beautiful teenage Israeli girl #RinaShnerb on the ‘occupation’? Can you not just blame the Palestinian terrorists that took her young life? This only underscores Israel was right to deny you entry!”

“You actually blame the victim here. You are a vicious unethical monster,” another critic said.