Obama’s Border Patrol Boss Says Democrats SLAMS Anti-wall Sentiment

Mark Morgan was the Border Patrol chief under Barack Obama and he spoke with Fox’s  Brian Kilmeade on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Kilmeade asked Morgan if Trump was manufacturing an emergency on the border.

Morgan said:

“Absolutely not. Brian, this is part of the frustration for those of us from a law enforcement, border security perspective. How many more statistics do we have to provide? How many more factually based examples do we have to provide? How many more angel families have to stand in front of some of these individuals before they finally say, ‘Yeah, okay, this is real.’ It’s just incredulous.”

Kilmeade then asked:

“So when people say to you the drugs are coming through the port of entry, let’s use some technology to crack down there. There is no problem with drugs in the middle of the country and other areas now populated. What do you say?”

Morgan answered:

“Well, that’s right. A couple of things you hit on, Brian, are spot on. So, first of all, look at the take now. Sixty thousand [people] are coming in a month illegally into this country. This year so far, 62 caravans of 100 or more – 13 in all of last year, 2,000 in one single day this week. o the numbers are climbing, but it’s manufactured, right? The other thing, the other argument on in between the port of entry is an absolute false narrative. Sixty percent of the southwest border does not have infrastructure, technology and personnel.”

“Again, what it means to me is this is absolutely driven on identity politics. The experts have spoken both on ICE, both on United States border patrol and CBP and they have told Congress what they need to protect the borders for the security and safety of this country, Brian. And they have not just ignored it, they have discounted everything that they have said. Unfortunately, to me, I have only drawn one conclusion. It’s based on identity politics.”

It has become obvious that Pelosi and Schumer have turned away from what is good for the country and back to what is good for their party.

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