NY Gov Cuomo Bans Pipelines…Now, NY is Out of Gas

Gov Andrew Cuomo being the good little liberal he is has banned new gas pipelines in NY state. Now, unable to increase gas supplies, NY utilities are having to refuse to hook up any new homes or businesses with gas so they can continue to supply their current customers.

When Republicans predicted this, Cuomo called it fear mongering. I wonder what he calls it now. And it doesn’t stop with New York. Those pipelines are needed to carry excess gas to the New England states and they will suffer along with New York residents. Ain’t liberalism grand?

From The Daily Caller

The northeastern U.S.’s largest supplier of natural gas stopped processing new customer applications in New York City and Long Island after the Cuomo administration blocked a major pipeline project.

The moratorium is the second to hit New Yorkers in 2019 as a result of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s opposition to natural gas pipelines needed to meet growing demand in the state and New England.

“We are not processing new applications for any new customers,” National Grid New York President John Bruckner said Thursday. “We’ll continue to receive requests for service, but we’re not processing them.”

New York officials rejected a water permit application for the Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline project Thursday, claiming it would “result in water quality violations” as currently planned. (RELATED: Trump Strips High-Speed Rail Funds From California)

For many observers, the rejection wasn’t much of a surprise. Cuomo wants the state to adopt his version of the Green New Deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions and end fossil fuel use.

The 24-mile pipeline would run from New Jersey to New York Bay through Raritan Bay. National Grid, a regional power and gas provider, said it would be forced to impose a moratorium if the pipeline isn’t approved.

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