Nunes Says The Russians Worked With Hillary Campaign Through Nellie Ohr [VIDEO]

Rep Devin Nunes (Chairman of the House Intel Committee) told Maria Bartiromo the propaganda arm of the Russian government was feeding their bile to the Hillary campaign through Communist sympathizer, Nellie Ohr.

Ohr wrote about Russia in her college thesis. Instead of mentioning Stalin killed millions, she describes it as excesses, not murder. Ohr is married to Bruce Ohr, formerly the number four man at the DOJ. He is now considered a major piece in the FBI and DOJ corruption probe. He was working with Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS.  Also, Nellie Ohr worked for Fusion GPS and also was in contact with Steele.

Devin Nunes: The fact that the media is ignoring this is even more of a reason that we are going to have to have more information than usual declassified. We are going to have an unprecedented amount of information declassified because the media is just not covering this topic. I’ll close it with this. Don’t forget that Bruce Ohr’s wife Nellie Ohr, who also has to be interviewed soon, she also was working with Fusion GPS who was working for the Clinton campaign. So here you have information flowing from the Clinton campaign, from the Russians likely I believe was handed directly from Russian propaganda arms to the Clinton Campaign sent to the top levels of the FBI and Department of Justice to open up a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign.

Both Bruce and Nellie Ohr are scheduled to testify in August. Certainly, it’s fraught with danger for them because they don’t know how much investigators know about their actions. But we do know much of their actions because it has made the news. At least through conservative or fair newspapers. (Yes, there are still a few of them left)

Thankfully though, House Judiciary Committee Chair, Bob Goodlatte, plans to subpoena those linked to the Steele Dossier if necessary!