Numerious Democrats Demand “Unfit” President Trump To Not Meet With Putin

Once again we see members of the Democratic party that was a total failure during 8 years of Obama and the 18 months since President Trump has been in office trying to tell the ever successful president what he can and cannot do. Democrats didn’t cut taxes. They argued that it would increase the debt.

Today it was announced that income taxes paid in the 2nd quarter of 2018 has broken the all-time record. It’s true that the debt increased but that was due to RINO Paul Ryan’s 1.3 trillion dollar spending bill. President Trump said that cutting taxes would create more revenue because more people would be working and making higher salaries. He was right.

Democrats stood by as North Korea test-fired missile after missile and made zero headway in any type of negotiations. President Trump went head to head with Kim Jong-un and it has resulted in talks of denuclearization. Nothing is firm yet, but we are miles ahead of where we were under Obama. Now, these members of the House presume to tell a successful president how to do his job. They are truly pathetic.

From The Daily Caller

Trump is scheduled to sit down with Putin on July 16, but Democrats are voicing concerns that the president is unfit at this time to discuss matters of national interest with the Russian leader, citing the president’s hardline remarks during this week’s NATO summit overseas.

“Mr. President, asserting these concerns gives us no pleasure. Frankly, we agree that an ongoing dialogue with Russia remains important to our country’s national security,” the Democrats wrote in a letter to Trump Friday. “Unfortunately, due to your constant expressions of sympathy for Vladimir Putin, your conflicts of interest, and your attacks on our closest allies, we do not have confidence that you can faithfully negotiate with the Russian leader, and we urge you to cancel the meeting.”

Here are the names of the 18 nimrods:

  • Eliot Engel of New York
  • Albio Sires of New Jersey
  • Theodore Deutch of Florida
  • Gregory Meeks of New York
  • Gerald Connolly of Virginia
  • Karen Bass of California
  • William Keating of Massachusetts
  • Ami Bera of California
  • Lois Frankel of Florida
  • Joaquin Castro of Texas
  • Robin Kelly of Illinois
  • Brendan Boyle of Pennsylvania
  • Dina Titus of Nevada
  • Norma Torres of California
  • Bradley Schneider of Illinois
  • Adriano Espaillat of New York
  • Ted Lieu of California

Obama was soft on Putin. President Trump has been harsh including the killing of an alleged 100 Russian mercenaries in Syria.