NJ Judge Orders the Arrest of April Ryan’s Bodyguard Who Allegedly Assaulted Journalist

A New Jersey judge has issued a summons for April Ryan’s bodyguard that roughed up a reporter.

The incident involved journalist Charlie Kratovil of the New Brunswick Today.

He says since Ryan has taken no steps to do anything about the assault, he will be talking to a lawyer about suing her over her employee’s assault.

Kratovil was credentialed for the New Jersey Parent Summit, where he was assaulted.

It’s funny because Ryan has spoken out against Trump’s rhetoric against the press and here she is involved in an assault on a reporter.

So much for freedom of the press.

From The Daily Caller

A New Jersey court has issued a summons Monday against CNN political analyst April Ryan’s bodyguard, after he allegedly assaulted a journalist.

The alleged incident occurred earlier this month, and involved Charlie Kratovil of the New Brunswick Today. Kratovil was credentialed for the New Jersey Parent Summit, where Ryan gave the keynote address.

Video emerged last week of Ryan’s bodyguard Joel Morris allegedly attempting to snatch Kratovil’s camera and assaulting him.


“Because Ms. Ryan has failed to publicly address or apologize for her role in this ugly incident, I am now seeking legal counsel to initiate proceedings that will hold her accountable for the unacceptable and illegal behavior of her employee,” he said.

Ryan has positioned herself as a staunch advocate of press freedom, frequently clashing with the Trump administration over their criticism of the media.

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