New York State Senate Candidate Accuses Israeli Spokesman of Assault

Julia Salazar, a socialist New York state Senate candidate, has accused David Keyes, spokesman for Benjamin Netanyahu, of sexual assault in his hotel room. She has previously accused him on social media but deleted it. Also, Keyes has denied the allegations. Salazar said she accompanied Keyes back to his hotel room after meeting for coffee. Her campaign said he has assaulted other women, too.

This will come down to who is more believable. That could be a problem for Salazar. Who has been arrested for theft of over $11,000 and goods from Kai Hernandez, ex-wife of baseball great, Keith Hernandez. Salazar has been accused of having an affair with Hernandez. She is also alleged to have made three attempts to access her bank accounts. Now, that doesn’t mean she is lying, but it does cast some doubt on her.

From The Daily Caller

TheDCNF reached out to Salazar’s campaign to ask about the Keyes accusation, at which point her spokesman confirmed that Salazar accused Keyes of sexual assault. The spokesman never asked TheDCNF to withhold Salazar’s identity.

“Julia was a survivor of sexual assault by David Keyes, and she is aware of other women who have also been victimized by him,” the spokesman said. “There’s a reason women don’t often come forward after a traumatic experience-—because of the harmful responses and retaliation that can follow.”

Following that response, Salazar posted a statement to Twitter accusing a news outlet (which she did not name) of trying to “out” her as a sexual assault survivor in order to “cast doubt upon my, and other women’s accusations against Keyes.”

Salazar reacted:

“I’ve been informed that a story is about to run which identifies me as a victim of sexual assault.” 

“Before this runs, I want to come forward and confirm that I was a victim of sexual assault by David Keyes — the Prime Minister of Israel’s spokesperson to foreign media. This story appears to be an effort to cast doubt upon my, and other women’s accusations against Keyes.”

If Keyes did assault Salazar, fry him. But if Salazar is making a false claim, fry her.

But, there is one other mark that hurt her credibility. During the campaign, she claimed that she grew up poor. Her own family sold her out on that lie. Her father made a six-figure salary, built a new house, had a maid, and she attended private school. I wish I had been that poor growing up.