New Poll Shows Trump Will Lose 43% of Base If Wall Isn’t Built

How important is that President Trump build them a wall on our southern border? Well, it’s important to the war on drugs, because about 90% of all drugs entering the United States do so across the Mexican border.

It’s important to child exploitation since many of the children brought her are used for the sex trade. It’s important to stop dangerous criminals and gangs from entering the United States. It is also very important for President Trump, as a new poll shows that 43% of his base will desert him if he fails to build the wall.

It’s also important to you and me because we don’t want to lose the first Republican willing to fight for us.

The Washington Examiner reported:

President Trump’s base of supporters remains on his side and even supportive of his temporary deal with Democrats to end the partial government shutdown, but are warning the White House that they will mutiny if the border wall isn’t built.

In a new poll of 2,700 Trump voters, nearly half would abandon him if “he fails to secure border security funds,” said a new survey by Ear to the Ground, a project by The Frontier Lab.

“The grassroots activists represented in this survey were fundamental to the president’s election. While they are still with him today, it appears the president better build the wall or his support will significantly suffer,” said Mark Meckler, president of Citizens for Self-Governance.

This poll is bad news because now, the Democrats are even less likely to build the wall and that will leave it up to the president to do it all by himself. He cannot fail us on this. He has at least two ways to build the wall without Congress.

He can either declare a state of emergency or he can order the military to build the wall. The funding is already available for both options.