New ICE Plan Unhinges the Far left Loonies

It is safe to say that under normal circumstances the far left loonies do not like ICE. That is why we have sanctuary cities and California, the first sanctuary state.

What liberals hate more is when ICE actually does the work they are paid for, which is deporting illegal aliens. So, it comes as no surprise that the loonies are losing their minds over ICE’s plan to sweep major cities in California, allegedly starting with San Francisco. ICE is allegedly targeting 1,500 illegal aliens according to…you guessed it…an anonymous source.

I hope the report is true and that ICE captures many more than the targeted 1,500.

The raid would be the largest one to take place since President Trump took office. Queen of the loony left, Diane Feinstein claims that the president is trying to make a political point. And what point would that be exactly? That this administration is targeting criminal illegal aliens.

Point received and approved by me. This is what ICE exists for. It’s what we pay them for but the loony left wants you to believe sanctuary cities have the right to set their own immigration standards even though the US Constitution specifically gives that power to the federal government.

From Fox News

California has clashed with law enforcement over immigration enforcement for a number of years. In October, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB54 into law, which effectively limits local police from cooperating with federal authorities. 

Trump has repeatedly expressed frustration that such laws encourage immigrants to not cooperate with local law enforcement and inhibit his goal of enforcing immigration laws.

In October, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB54 into law, which effectively limits local police from cooperating with federal authorities. 

One of the stipulations of the law is that it denies federal officials the ability to detain illegal immigrants who have been placed in local jails.

This law isn’t made to protect law-abiding illegals, it’s set up to protect illegal aliens who break the law. They then release them into the general population so that you too can be a victim of their crimes.

I say sweep the entire state.

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