NeverTrumper Rich Lowry Begins To See The Light of Trump

Rich Lowry is beginning to see the light and understand that President Trump is the perfect president to combat the left and the media. After watching what the left and the media has done to a good and decent man like Brett Kavanaugh, Lowry is now convinced the need for a Trumpian presidency. Politeness doesn’t cut it with these guys.

It takes someone willing to get into the trenches and duke it out. And there is no doubt he is leading as a staunch conservative. Lowry also understands that the character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh is galvanizing support for Trump.

From The National Review

 The media is an unremitting political and cultural adversary. In the Kavanaugh controversy, the press has been wholly on the other side, presuming his guilt and valorizing his accusers and their supporters, including Hawaii senator Mazie Hirono, whose most famous contribution to the debate was telling men to “shut up.” The advocacy isn’t limited to cable networks or the Twitter feeds of journalists. It reaches all the way up the food chain.

The New Yorker — which imagines itself an upholder of the finest standards of American journalism; which sports a refined monocle-wearing dandy as its mascot; which was once edited by that famous paragon of editorial care, William Shawn — happily published a new accusation against Kavanaugh even though the accuser herself had doubts about it (she only became convinced of it after days of consideration and talks with her lawyer).

The New York Times passed on the story when it couldn’t find any firsthand corroboration of it. The New Yorker didn’t allow that to become an obstacle.

Hey. Who knows… Maybe Lowry will even vote for Trump in 2020. Nah.