National Security Council Superiors Voiced Serious Concerns About Alexander Vindman’s Judgment

The testimony from Tim Morrison, former National Security Director of Russia and European affairs she light on how his colleagues viewed Schiff star witnessm Alexander Vindman and it’s not good. Even Deep State Fiona Hill thought that Vindman’s judgement was bad and several others agreed with that assessment, while others accused Vindman of being a leaker.

Morrison testified that he did not let the opinion of others influence his own opinion nd that he reached his own conclusions on these matters. But, considering the consensus was that Vindman’s judgement was poot, Vindman’s claims that Trump’s policies were bad, you need to take everything he says with and entire keg of salt. Morrison pointed out that Vindman often went outside the chain of command. Vindman was upset because he was left out of meetings before and after Morrison took over from Hill.

Fiona Hill was in charge of bringing Morrison up to date on what he would be facing in his new job. During that orientation, Dr Hill told Morrison:

Among the discussions I had with Dr. Hill in the transition was our team, my team, its strengths, and its weaknesses. And Fiona and others had raised concerns about Alex’s judgment.

From Breitbart News

National Security Council supervisors and colleagues raised concerns about Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s judgment on multiple occasions, according to testimony Tuesday from former National Security Director of Russia and European affairs Tim Morrison.

Morrison said his predecessor Dr. Fiona Hill and other staff at the NSC had raised concerns about Vindman’s judgment, as well as Deputy Senior Director for Europe John Erath.

A full range of Morrison’s concerns were not discussed, as his counsel asked him only to respond on issues with Vindman regarding Ukraine and the current case.

But Morrison did acknowledge that Vindman had a problem with working outside the chain of command.

Despite concerns raised by his colleagues, Morrison specified that he formed his own judgments about Vindman’s character:

They, Dr. Hill, Mr. Erath and others in the NSC raised concerns about Alex, those concerns were noted, I didn’t take them for face value. I treated them as representations of others. I was on alert, but I formed my own judgments. I took no action because of the statements of someone else that I couldn’t independently validate.