Nancy Pelosi Expresses Concern That Democrats’ Left-Wing Base Could Cost Them The Election

Nancy Pelosi is running scared. Remember when she first authorized the impeachment investigation? She claimed that it didn’t matter if the Republicans took back control of the House. But, now she is worried that the far-left extremists in her party is going to destroy everything she has been working for.

She has been concentrating on impeachment as the only way Democrats have a prayer to win the White House with their ridiculously weak field of candidates and by pushing the party further left all of the time, even impeachment won’t help. The fact that impeachment is backing doesn’t help either.

From The Daily Caller

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned Democratic presidential candidates that appealing to just the party’s left-wing base could make it more difficult to defeat President Donald Trump in November 2020.

Speaking to a roundtable of Bloomberg News editors and reporters Friday, the California Democratic congresswoman expressed the need to “win the Electoral College” in order to win the election, meaning candidates should avoid issues — like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal — that could alienate moderate Democratic voters in must-win states like Michigan and Pennsylvania.

“What works in San Francisco does not necessarily work in Michigan,” Pelosi said. “What works in Michigan works in San Francisco — talking about workers’ rights and sharing prosperity.”

“Remember November,” she added. “You must win the Electoral College.”

While Bloomberg reported Pelosi’s caution not to back any particular candidate, the outlet also reported the House Speaker’s concern that Democrats like Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are appealing to the party’s left-wing base, not the mainline voters Democrats must have to win the election.

“Bernie and Elizabeth own the left, right?” she said, commenting on the desire of most candidates to go as far left as possible. “Is anybody going to out-left them?”