MUST SEE: Trump Trolls Hillary Schumer and Democrats on Immigration

For a week now, liberal Democrats have been going after the president over the detention of kids at the border being separated from their parents, even though the law predated his time in office.

Furthermore, given the chance to pass a law to stop the separation, Sen Chuck Schumer immediately rejected the proposal. Thus, proving that the Democrats did not want a solution but rather wanted an issue to bash the president and Republicans with. They are in trouble in the midterm elections because their only platforms so far is open borders and higher taxes, which is a pretty poor game plan.

So, once again it was up to President Trump to fix the issue himself, much to the dismay of Democrats. Sen Diane Feinstein has offered up a bill making it illegal to arrest an illegal alien within 100 miles of the border. The bill is poorly written and if taken at face value as written would also prevent law enforcement from separating kids whose parent or parents have committed serious crimes. Watching the Democrats is like watching a pack of monkeys trying to make love to a football.

President Trump could not resist sticking it to Hillary, Schumer and Democrats in general with a video showing their previous statements on immigration. The video shows that prior to him taking office, they made similar remarks on illegal immigration. Democrats tie their political positions to a weather vane and they change their positions as often as they change their socks, according to what they consider to be more politically advantageous at any given moment. The only thing they are consistent on is their anti-American bias. Placing illegal aliens above Americans. For an example, did you know for every one child separated by their parents at the border 1,400 American children are separated from their criminal parent.

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