Mueller Will Not Be Testifying This Week

Last week, Democrats told us that Robert Mueller would definitely be testifying before congress this week. Now, Jerry Nadler is threatening to subpoena Mueller and force him to testify. He is not afraid of the questions the Democrats ask, but he is scared to death of questions from the likes of Jim Jordan. The number one question should be:

“In your report, you say that the Russians hacked the DNC server. What evidence do you have that they did?”

In fact, there are many embarrassing questions they could ask such as why did he hire all pro-Hillary lawyers? And other conflicts of interest. I really don’t think he wants to be asked them. He prefers to sit back and leak selective documents.

From The Gateway Pundit

Robert Mueller will not be testifying before Congress next week as House Dems hoped for.

Democrats were eyeing a May 15 testimony, however those tentative plans never materialized.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) told reporters on Friday that Robert Mueller will not testify before the Committee next week.

“We’re talking to the Department of Justice. We’re talking to Mueller. Hopefully he will come in. It won’t be next week,” Nadler said.

The New York Democrat then floated a subpoena threat, “He will come at some point. If necessary, we will subpoena him and he will come.”

NBC News reported last Friday that House Dems were in discussions directly with Mueller’s team. Previously, the Judiciary Committee had been in discussions with the Justice Department regarding Mueller’s hearing.

Attorney General Bill Barr said last Wednesday during the Senate hearing that he does not object to Mueller testifying before Congress, however, President Trump doesn’t want the special counsel to be given another opportunity to smear him and his associates.