Mueller Doesn’t Want to Testify Publicly Over His Russia Investigation

Robert Mueller is hesitant to testify about his Russia investigation in public because he is afraid it would be too political. Maybe he should have thought about that while he was hiring every Hillary sycophant available or allowed leaks to flow from his team or having top officials who were openly trying to undermine the president by hook or by crook.

A more likely story is that he does not want Republicans to ask embarrassing questions that he would prefer not to answer. AG Bill Barr has consistently maintained that he has no problem with Mueller testifying and ranking member of the committee Doug Collins called for Mueller to testify immediately on April 6th.

From The Daily Caller

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s negotiations with House Democrats over his public testimony have reportedly hit a roadblock.

CNN reports that Mueller is reluctant to testify publicly about the Russia investigation for fear of being seen as too political. The Washington Post is reporting that Mueller and Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have been unable to agree how much of the testimony would be done in public.

According to The Post, Mueller wants to testify privately about topics that aren’t laid out in the lightly redacted special counsel’s report. Democrats hope to get Mueller to say whether President Donald Trump would face charges of obstruction of justice if he were not president. They also want Mueller to discuss his interactions with Attorney General William Barr regarding the investigation, as well as the release of the report.

The 448-page report said that prosecutors were unable to establish that the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government to influence the election. The report also said there was no evidence that Trump associates acted as agents of Russia.