More on the Now Infamous Eric Ciaramella: He’s Connected to Steele Dossier, Brennan, Susan Rice and the Transfer of Funds from the IMF to the Ukraine

Eric Ciarmella, the recently exposed whistleblower is a major player in every Deep State conspiracy of the last five years is now having his record exposed and it totally undermines his fourth hand testimony. He met with the Ukrainian MP on the same day that she turned over a copy of the phony Hillary dossier to McCain compatriot, David Kramer. He worked with Obama, Biden, Susan Rice, John Brennan and a whole host of others involved in the Deep State conspiracy to overturn the 2016 presidential election.

He was also instrumental in moving funds from the IMF to Ukraine where it was embezzled by Obama pal, former Ukrainian president Poroshenko and the Ukrainian oligarch that hired Hunter Biden and also paid daddy Joe Biden $900,000 in lobbying referral fees.

From The Gateway Pundit

On October 30, 2019 it was confirmed Eric Ciaramella was indeed the CIA anti-Trump ‘whistleblower.’

We originally posted this on October 12th.

As reported yesterday, news on the Internet is spreading quickly.  Many now believe there are at minimum connections between Adam Schiff’s leaker, aka the “whistleblower,” to the now infamous Eric Ciaramella – Obama’s Director of Ukraine at the NSC.

Here’s more on the infamous Director of NSC for Obama in the Ukraine.  Somehow this guy is believed to be very close to the leaker that Adam Schiff refuses to provide to the American public.  For starters, it turns out that the fake Russia collusion junk dossier was initiated on the same day by the same people that met Eric Ciaramella.


When at Yale, Ciaramella was involved in protests to the firing of a professor by the name of Bassam Frangieh. This professor is connected to Hamas and Hezbollah.

Also, as reported yesterday regarding Deep State actions surrounding Italy, Ciaramello, attended the Remzi dinner which included a Who’s Who in the Swampfest along with Kerry, Biden, Clapper, Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch, etc.

Then you have two former NSC aides to Schiff talking to another NSC whistleblower (Ciaramella) whom all three are Obama holdovers that also worked for Trump and Biden and are magically all involved in the Ukraine whistleblower event.

And apparently Ciaramella is in pretty tight with Nuland and crazy Kavalec, sending them a classified email while working for the NSC.