Migration Advocates and Hospitals Push for More ‘Healthcare Visas’Paid for By US Taxpayers

Migration advocates are pushing for more “Healthcare Visas” with the cost of the medical bills being placed on the backs of the American taxpayer.

This coincides with a lawsuit filed on September fifth by ACLU, demanding that the US admit more of these sick foreigners. That suit was quietly supported by hospitals as a way of prying more money from the government to increase their bottom line.

Why would congress even pass a bill that outrageous? Well, actually they didn’t and the ACLU readily admits that. Even so the ACLU demands that the judge prevent officials from refusing visas that in reality don’t even exist.

From Breitbart News

The ACLU also admits that Congress never approved the healthcare visas. Yet the ACLU also demands the judge declare the U.S. constitution bars agency leaders from blocking the distribution of the visas for illegals by officials at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency.

The industry demand for more visas comes after the Department of Homeland Security reportedly tightened its rules to say illegals who want extraordinary permission to stay for medical care must first go through the deportation process. The policy reportedly replaces the little-known practice of allowing illegals to quietly get the visas — dubbed “deferred action” approvals — to stay for medical care before officials begin the deportation process.

“Only by reversing the policy in its entirety—by wholly restoring USCIS’s acceptance and adjudication of deferred action requests—can the agency continue to ensure that vulnerable children and families are able to receive life-saving protection,” said a September 4 letter from 150 migration-industry groups. The signers include the Americal Immigration Lawyers Association, the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, and the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project

The group’s letter also follows an August 30 missive signed by 127 Democratic legislators, asking for information about the program.


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