Media Now Calling For Congressional Bypass To Build The Wall

Brigitte Gabriel wrote an article for Breitbart News, calling for President Trump to bypass Congress and build the wall. Each year, 70,000 Americans die of drug overdoses.

90% of all drugs come to the United States by crossing the southern border from Mexico. On average, 12 Americans are killed by illegal aliens every day or just a little over 4,200 a year. Democrats refuse to build the wall because they obviously believe that open borders are worth the death of 75,000 Americans every year.

My question to Democrats is, where is the line? How many deaths are no longer tolerable? 100,000? 200,000? A half a million?

From Breitbart News

If our present situation on the southern border isn’t a national emergency, nothing is.

Here are some cold hard facts that demand the wall be built by any means necessary, and no, the President does not need Congressional approval to do so.

Every year, more than 500,000 people are apprehended trying to cross into our nation illegally, and that’s just the half a million who are actually caught without a proper wall!

Contrary to what you may have heard from the lame-stream media, not all of those apprehended have been innocent women and children. Thousands of violent criminals with rap sheets ranging from murder to kidnapping to rape to drug trafficking are caught sneaking into our nation every year

Would you put a lock on your door if you knew an MS-13 gang member wanted to stay in your house? That’s why building a wall is only the bare minimum we should be doing to protect this nation.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough disgraced himself yet again when he responded to the President’s address to the nation by asking, “How stupid are people who still believe there is a crisis?” Does this guy own a mirror?

Democrats are willing to sacrifice American lives at will because that’s who they are as a party. Women have to surrender their right to privacy so that transgenders or men who pretend to be transgenders, want access to their bathrooms at a time when those women are most vulnerable.

Because that’s who the Democrats are as a party. The Border patrol is held culpable when two children who showed up at the border sick, after a long forced march and die but it is acceptable for tens of thousands of children to be smuggled across our borders for sex exploitation because that’s who the Democrats are as a party.

Drugs can flow freely into the country and kill 70,000 Americans a year because a wall is immoral and 70,000 deaths are not because that’s who the Democrats are as a party.

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