Man Turns State’s Evidence Against John Kerry and Daughter

A former Peace Corps official has agreed to testify against John Kerry and his daughter Vanessa for funneling money from the State Department to Vanessa’s charity.

More than $9 million was funneled through the Peace Corps to Seed, a charity run by Vanessa Kerry. Warren “Buck” Buckingham agreed to cooperate as a condition of an agreement with the Washington, D.C., U.S. Attorney’s Office that would keep him from facing prosecution for a related illegal lobbying charge.

The lobbying effort was to get the money to transfer to Seed.

The way it worked was the money would be sent to the Peace Corps and then the Peace Corps would transfer the money to Seed. This is also known as money laundering.

From The Daily Caller

Also as part of the agreement, Buckingham admitted to the charge that he lobbied his former Peace Corps colleagues to help his employer, Seed Global Health, secure a $6.4 million State Department-funded contract extension around September 2015.

Buckingham also helped Seed – a nonprofit founded and run by Kerry’s daughter Vanessa Kerry – secure it’s original nearly $3 million contract, which was also funded with State Department money, in September 2012. Buckingham soon left the Peace Corps while under investigation for improperly hiring an employee and subsequently sending the official lewd emails.

Officials from both agencies met with Vanessa and arranged the scheme that would funnel State Department money to Seed through the Peace Corps, previous Daily Caller News Foundation investigations show in detail.

For those of you who do not understand how a process like this works, the prosecution asks for a proffer. The proffer explains what the witness will swear to and if he later refuses, he has the charges lodged back on him again. No prosecutor would offer such a deal unless it leads to prosecutions of higher-ups.

When the scheme was hatched Kerry firmly believed that Hillary would win the election and he would be home free. Sorry, Charley, but don’t worry, you look good in orange.

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