Major Chicago Hospital Closes Amid 51 Shot Over the Past Weekend

The famous Mt Sinai Hospital in Chicago was forced to close their doors to new patients as 51 people were shot last weekend.

The number of people shot strained emergency personnel as carnage reigned throughout the city.

The hospital went on bypass, which means they request that emergency vehicles bypass them as they did not have enough staff to take care of those who were shot and could not care for others in a timely fashion.

They were able to clear bypass status early the next morning. There were two mass shootings in Chicago over the weekend that you would never know about because it does not follow the liberal narrative.

From Fox News

Ravoka cited multiple incidents — including a shooting at Douglas Park and two motor vehicle accidents — as the catalyst for temporarily closing off the hospital to new patients.

As previously reported by Fox News, seven people were shot in Douglas Park after someone opened fire near a playground around 1:20 a.m. Rakove said Mount Sinai received five patients from that shooting, in which those shot ranged in age from 19 to 25.

“As a result of all of those patients from a capacity standpoint we made a decision to go on bypass for a period of time,” the spokesperson said.

Rakove said that Chicago has five Level 1 trauma centers with another located just outside of the city. She said that all of these centers “on occasion have capacity issues related to numbers of trauma patients at which time the trauma center at capacity will go on bypass and EMS will direct ambulances to one or more of the other trauma centers.”

As of Monday morning, seven people had been killed and 46 others injured during weekend shootings in Chicago, according to the Sun-Times.

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