Kyrsten Sinema Dresses like a “Lady of the Evening” on the Senate Floor

Kyrsten Sinema was to say the least, dressed inappropriately on the Senate floor. She was dressed in a mini dress and thigh high boots like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.”

Since Sinema is openly bi-sexual, we don’t know if she was trying to attract a man or a woman. She is also the only member of Congress who says she does not belong to any religion and refused to be sworn in with a Bible.

Instead, she placed her left hand on a copy of the constitution. Democrats do not subscribe to either example of literature anyway.

Ms. Sinema was also criticized for her inappropriate choice of outfit she wore during her swearing-in ceremony earlier this month.

The newly-elected radical Senator refused to be sworn in on a Holy Bible, she opted to put her left hand on a copy of the Constitution.

Kyrsten Sinema is the only member of the Senate who does not claim to be a member of any religion.

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