Kim DotCom Says New Russian Indictments Don’t Pass the Goggle Test

Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock (4078679h) Internet entrepreneur and political party backer Kim Dotcom visiting the Waihopai spy base run by the GCSB near Blenheim which is part of 'Echelon' an international network run by the NSA in the USA Kim Dotcom at Waihopai GCSB Spy Base, Blenheim, New Zealand - 06 Aug 2014

Kim DotCom says that he has positive proof that Seth Rich was the mastermind in the stealing of the DNC emails. He had his lawyer inform Robert Mueller about it and he even offered to come to the United States and testify under oath that it was Seth Rich.

But twice, Mueller refused to even take a look. What investigator worth his salt refuses to even look at the possible evidence? None that I’ve ever known. Even when there is little evidence they would check and DotCom says he has digital proof that cannot be altered plus his own personal testimony about working with Rich.

From The Gateway Pundit

In late May 2017 internet entrepreneur Kim DotCom claimed to have evidence that former DNC worker Seth Rich was involved in the leaked emails released by WikiLeaks.

Kim DotCom shared that he was willing to come to the US and give testimony if it is required.

Then Kim DotCom’s lawyers sent a letter to Robert Mueller saying he would come testify in the US and would provide evidence to the Investigation.

Kim DotCom says the evidence in the indictment doesn’t survive a giggle test. Kim DotCom added today’s indictment confirmed that Mueller cannot be trusted.

“Deep State indictment against Russian DNC hackers is so light on evidence that the DOJ should place a Weight Watchers logo on the front page. Mueller knows that his PR stunt will never be tested in Court. The ‘Russian Conspirators’ will never see a US Court room. ”

He Continued: “Any Google database containing “search evidence” of alleged Russian DNC hackers is obviously backdoored by the Deep State.

They can simply edit any evidence into any Google database. The security community is well aware of the Deep State ability and readiness to edit evidence.”

Deep State activities like this indictment against 12 Russians confirm the advice of my legal team. Special Counsel Mueller and the DOJ cannot be trusted. My team asked me not to provide my Seth Rich evidence without solid legal protections for me and my family. They were right!”

Will this evidence disappear if Mueller gets his grubby little Paws on it? You betcha.