Key Witness in Epstein Case Has Disappeared

Jean-Luc Brunel who owned a modeling company in France and is rumored to have recruited young girls for Jeffrey Epstein has disappeared and no one knows where he is.

Authorities are looking for him as they believe that he is an important witness in the Epstein case.

One year for his birthday, Epstein is said to have received three 12-year-old French girls whom he abused and then sent back to France the very next day.

All three girls worked for Brunel’s modeling agency.

That might be why he disappeared. Police are looking for him all around the globe.

From The Blaze

“He is a ghost who has disappeared without trace,” a Paris police source told the Daily Mirror.

“There is no address for him, all his internet accounts, including social media, have been wiped out,” the source added. “He is uncontactable.”

Investigators are reportedly combing the U.S., Europe, and Brazil, where he was last seen scouting young girls just months before Epstein’s July arrest.

French authorities want to question Brunel in connection to their own Epstein inquiry to determine if Epstein committed crimes in France.

Brunel was a longtime associate of Epstein’s and has been accused of using his clout in the modeling world to recruit young girls for Epstein. Brunel has previously denied the allegations, despite being named in court filings.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein’s accusers, alleges Brunel “farmed out” young girls who hoped to become models. She also claims she was forced to have sex with Brunel “many times” when she was 16 to 19 years old.

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