Kevin McCarthy Elected as Minority Leader Yet Voters Preferred Jim Jordan

Once again, Republicans have disappointed their base by electing Kevin McCarthy as minority leader. McCarthy was the number 2 man behind RINO Paul Ryan and he has never shown a willingness to fight the Democrats.

Voters across America were hoping Jim Jordan would win. He has a proven track record. If McCarthy is the second coming of Paul Ryan, House reps need to remove him quickly and replace him with someone willing to stand up to the Democrats. They do not want to go into another election with a squishy leader like we did this year.

From Breitbart News

House Republicans elected McCarthy to be their next leader when they will serve in the minority in the aftermath of the 2018 midterm elections.

McCarthy received 159 votes from House Republicans, while 43 Republicans voted for House Freedom Caucus co-founder Jim Jordan (R-OH) for House Minority Leader.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) became the House GOP conference chair.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) became House minority whip by acclamation and ran unopposed.

In a letter to his Republican colleagues in November, McCarthy promised to retake the House majority, contending that he helped build a majority from a deeper hole than they will have in January.

“I helped build a majority from a deeper hole than this, and I have what it takes to do it again,” the California Republican said. “That is why I have decided to run for Republican Leader and humbly ask for your support.”

Let’s just hope that McCarthy was just being a good lieutenant to Ryan and that he actually is diametrically different than Ryan. If not, 2020 will be a terrible thing for this country and the Democrats could roll up more big numbers.

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