Kellyanne Conway Calls on Adam Schiff to Resign

Kellyanne Conway went on a rant against Adam Schiff for his many lies, specifically those lies that he told when he made false claims to have seen much evidence of collusion, which we now know were total lies. Conway says that Schiff should resign from the Congress immediately.

Many others have called for him to resign his chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee.  He has compromised himself and his bias is so egregious that he is beyond redemption, but so are many others.

Conway said:

“Adam Schiff should resign. He has no right as somebody who has been peddling a lie day after day after day unchallenged. Unchallenged and not under oath. Somebody should have put him under oath and said you have evidence, where is it?”

From The Hill

“He ought to resign today,” Conway said. “He’s been on every TV show 50 times a day for practically the last two years, promising Americans that this president would either be impeached or indicted.”

Barr said on Sunday in a four-page summary that Mueller’s investigation found no evidence that the campaign conspired or coordinated with the Kremlin.

Schiff, one of Trump’s most outspoken critics, said afterword that he trusted Mueller’s judgment but called to see the underlying evidence that led to the special counsel’s decision.

“Mueller did not find sufficient evidence to establish conspiracy, notwithstanding Russian offers to help Trump’s campaign, their acceptance, and a litany of concealed interactions with Russia,” Schiff tweeted. “I trust Mueller’s prosecutorial judgement, but the country must see the evidence.”

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