Kamala Harris Questions Why US Needs More Than Two Icebreaker Ships in the Arctic

Kamala Harris seems puzzled as to why the United States needs more than two icebreaker ships in the Arctic.

I don’t know, maybe it’s all the ice that’s there?

It’s of strategic importance as Russia is operating three dozen icebreakers there in an effort to claim all of the natural resources for itself.

Why does Harris want the Russians to be unimpeded in their quest for riches? Is she an agent of the Russian government?

If it is fair to ask that question of Trump after he has imposed more sanctions and more expulsions than any president before him and approved the killing of over 100 Russian mercenaries, then certainly it’s fair to question someone who actually is aiding Russia.

From Breitbart News

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) seemed lost for an answer during the CNN climate town hall when questioned about whether the U.S. should have more icebreakers in the Arctic amid a growing Russian presence.

When asked if she would grow the U.S. Coast Guard’s icebreaker fleet to match Russia’s, she questioned the purpose of having icebreakers in the Arctic.

“It depends on what the purpose of those icebreakers is. What is the purpose? What are we saying is a legitimate purpose there?” she said when pressed for a second time.

Initially, CNN Anchor Bill Weir told Harris that he had just returned from a reporting trip to the Arctic, where he saw one of the U.S. Coast Guard’s two fully-operational icebreakers.

Weir, noting Russia’s growing fleet of at least three dozen icebreakers and its intentions to dominate new melting pathways and the discovery of natural resources there, asked Harris what she would direct the U.S. military to do in the region and what would she say to allies and enemies to leave those resources intact.

Harris first said there was a lot to “unpack,” briefly noted Russia’s motivation to “expand its territory,” and then quickly pivoted away to the issue of land preservation.

“Let’s put that aside and talk about our involvement there — we should not be selling or leasing public land for the purposes of drilling,” she said to applause.

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