John Brennan Still Has Security Clearance?

Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan still has his security clearance even though President Trump said he was pulling it. Evidently, the process for pulling a security clearance is complicated and no one took the steps required to yank his clearance.

Comey, Clapper, and Brennan should all have their security clearances lifted because obviously, they cannot be trusted. Last July, WH Spokesperson, Sarah Sanders said that the president was reviewing the process for pulling security clearances so that he could start pulling them from members of the Deep State, so they could not access state secrets or monetize those clearances as both Clapper and Brennan have.

From The Gateway Pundit

Last July White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announced at a press briefing that President Trump was reviewing the process to revoke the security clearances of several Deep State critics for abusing their post-government retention of security clearances by lying about Trump and Russia, as well as politicizing and monetizing their security clearances.

A month later Sarah Sanders announced at a presser that John Brennan’s security clearance had been revoked.

“Historically, former heads of intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been allowed to retain access to classified information after their government service so that they can consult with their successors regarding matters about which they may have special insights and as a professional courtesy. Neither of these justifications supports Mr. Brennan’s continued access to classified information,” Sanders said.

According to a report out by the New York Times, John Brennan still has his security clearance because the White House never followed through with the complex bureaucratic work it would have taken to strip the clearance.

Attempts to revoked Brennan’s security clearance were “hampered by aides who slow-rolled the President and by Justice Department officials who fought Trump, warning he was jeopardizing national security,” reported the Times.

John Brennan regularly attacks President Trump on Twitter and in media appearances.