Joe Donnelly Hides Union Support – His Wife Tells Staffers to Lie to Constituents [VIDEO]

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas takes down another lying Democrat in Joe Donnelly running for reelection to the Senate. Unions are not overly popular in Indiana, so Donnelly is trying to hide his staunch support for them.

Jill Donnelly, the candidate’s wife is caught on video telling staffers to deliberately hide Donnelly’s position on Unions. Jill said that the right to work bills are bad for workers in the state but then went on to say they can’t tell anyone that. If “right to work” is so bad, wouldn’t you be screaming it from the mountain tops?

Many years ago, I worked in a union shop for Jacuzzi Pumps. Calling the union for help was a waste of time. They would make one trip every three years. That was to raise our union dues. We held a vote and voted them out. It was the Teamsters. My next paycheck was much larger and I was given an insurance policy with no deductibles and no co pays. I told my boss, Mario, that they shouldn’t have rewarded me for leading the fight against the union. Turns out everyone got them. Once the union was gone, we got pay and benefits that all non-union employees got.

From The Gateway Pundit

Featured in this report is Senator Joe Donnelly’s wife, Jill Donnelly, and a campaign volunteer, Tony Flora, a supporter of Senator Donnelly since 2004, and a member of the National Letter Carriers Union. They both say that the Senator cannot publicly support unions:

JOURNALIST: ” Oh Jill. Yeah, sorry just a quick question. I was talking to Mary um, what’s Senator Donnelly’s take on uh like, “Right to Work”? Do you know? We looked it up-”

JILL DONNELLY: “You wanna answer this or do you want me to?”

FLORA: “No.”

JILL DONNELLY: “Work – It takes away worker’s rights and destroys unions… He’s for working families… I wouldn’t say anything about unions.”

FLORA: “Yeah, we don’t use that either it’s for working families.”

JILL DONNELLY: “Don’t use unions, just say he’s for working families…”

Donnelly continued, saying “we can’t say that”:

JOURNALIST: “Okay, [be]cause we were looking up – trying to look it up. And it was like, right to try instead.”

JILL DONNELLY: “No… Right to Work is a headline to pay people less than what they – but we can’t say that.”

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