Joe diGenova: “This Whistleblower Needs to Go to Prison – Soros’s Dirty Money Is All Over This Story” (VIDEO)

Former US Attorney Joe digenova says that the alleged whistleblower belongs in prison and he believes that George Soros and his dirty money is behind the whole episode.

Former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova and his wife and attorney Victoria Toensing were discussing the new developments in the whistleblower suit. They agreed that the complaint was carefully crafted by lawyers and not the CIA agent. They also said that since the whistleblower was a CIA agent who did work in the White House he or she was probably close to John Brennan.

One other thing they agree on, the organization quoted at least four times is funded by George Soros’ Open Society.

From The Gateway Pundit

Former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova and his wife and attorney Victoria Toensing to discuss the latest developments in the Democrat-media attempted coup of President Trump.

The two discussed the partisan CIA “whistleblower” attack on president Trump. As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, we now know the “whistleblower” was a CIA operative, likely close to John Brennan, who was serving in the White House in order to spy on President Trump. The alleged whistleblower wrote his report based on hearsay and opinion. The report was written by seasoned lauyers. The report is already falling apart with numerous errors and lies.

Joe diGenova called for the CIA operative to be imprisoned!

Joe diGenova: Joe Biden shook down the Ukrainian government. It’s very simple. And they lied about Victor Shokin being corrupt… This was a setup and what we’re now seeing is the Democratic party trying to cover that up and therefore you have the whistleblower in the White House come forward, who actually knows nothing. And has created a document with the help of lawyers from other people. This whistleblower needs to go to prison. He doesn’t need to be feted. He needs to go to prison.

Victoria Toensing: Sean I want to jump in here too. On these false statements how did that work? US and other people made false statements about him. Yeah, that was George Soros funded NGOs who were also in bed with the State Department… My last point here. The whistleblower sprinkles throughout his document footnotes referring to a publication with the initials OCCRP. One guess, Sean, who funds OCCRP. George Soros.

Joe diGenova: Soros’s dirty money is all over this story.


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