Joe Biden Finally Admits That Donald Trump Won 2016 Election “Fair and Square”

Joe Biden is going out of his way to position himself as part of the sane division of the Democratic party.

He has taken a stand against the Green New Deal and Medicare for all and now, he is actually admitting that Donald Trump won the presidency fair and square and the Russians did not win it for him. Biden is also almost the only Democratic candidate not to promote ending the Electoral College. That proves that Biden is a realist

In order to end the electoral college, it would require a 67% majority in both the House and the Senate and then the president would have to sign off on it and then be ratified by at least 34 states. That would never happen.

From Breitbart News

Former Vice President Joe Biden admitted that President Donald Trump won the 2016 election “fair and square” through the Electoral College.

Biden, one of the few Democrats running for president who has not expressed support for abolishing or tinkering with the Electoral College, discussed why he believed Trump did so well in the Midwest during an interview with the Indianapolis Star on Thursday.

“I think he made headway because we stopped talking to our base,” Biden said regarding Trump’s 2016 performance. “And that’s not a criticism of Hillary [Clinton]. It’s just the way in which we got sucked into the last election talking about whether he touched women or whether, you know, it all got into … we didn’t talk much about the issues.”

Biden claimed it “was a brilliant strategy,” because it ensured Trump “never had to talk about what we’re gonna do about wages, what we’re gonna do about jobs.” The former vice president then proceeded to get off topic and attack the Trump administration for its tax cuts and foreign policy. When Biden did get back to the question at hand, he admitted that despite everything, Trump had won the presidency “fair and square.”

“A small percentage of people shifted just enough. But for 72,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, we would have a Democratic president now,” Biden said. “She won (the popular vote) by three million votes. Now he won fair and square in the sense that the Electoral College works that way.”

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