ISIS Child Tells UK Reporter “We Will Slaughter You”

To understand the grave threat ISIS brides and children pose to the West, one need only visit the detention camps in Syria where ISIS brides and children are kept as on reporter from the UK found out for himself. He was talking to a small child in the camp and was shocked when the young boy said,  ‘We’re going to kill you by slaughtering you. We will slaughter you.’”

And it’s not just the kids. The children get their guidance from their mothers who are brutal in their support for radical Islam. When confronted by the atrocities committed by ISIS in the caliphate such as beheadings, burning victims to death and mass murder, the women merely says it’s in the Koran. They also tell how their children will grow up to be jihadists and I hope the Islamic caliphate will return and spread across all corners of the globe.

The risk comes in when liberals in countries in the West insist that these women and children cannot be stripped of their citizenship just because they advocate killing innocent people. They then insist that they must be repatriated to the countries they originally came from.

From Breitbart News

Despite the clear risks represented by their children, there appears to be a broad consensus — among the media-political class if not the public — that their children definitely should be repatriated, as in the infamous case British-born jihadi bride Shamima Begum.

Left-liberals took a curious stance with respect to Begum, arguing that although both her parents were Bangladeshi migrants, she should not have her British citizenship stripped an be expected to go to Bangladesh, as she was born in Britain and therefore “our problem”.

But with respect to her child, they took the opposite view that he should be considered Britain’s responsibility because his mother was British-born — despite being born in Syria.