Investigation EXPOSES: CIA Screw Up Could Have Cost 30 Spies Their Lives

An investigation into the CIA reveals a screw up of monumental proportions that may have gotten 30 agents or sources killed by China. The investigation is a joint operation between the FBI and the NSA. What they found is that the CIA used a temporary throwaway program that may have allowed China to make the jump from the throwaway program to the main computers.

They also say it’s possible that CIA officer Jerry Chun Shing Lee, who China was able to flip, may have supplied China with the information needed to eliminate spies and sources.

One possibility the never mentioned was Diane Feinstein’s Chinese spy/driver. The time frame for the purge was between 2010 and 2012. At that time, Feinstein was the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence committee. He would have been privy to many of her conversations in the car or on the phone. And when she attended a meeting and left her phone or laptop in the car, he would have been in a position to make a copy of all of the files.

As her driver, he may have had access to both her home and office. Yet, with all these possibilities, it was never brought up during the investigation, even though the purge ended just about the time, Feinstein was replaced as chairman.

From The Blaze

From 2010 to 2012, the Chinese government began identifying and neutralizing U.S. spies in its country with astounding accuracy. Now a joint investigation by the FBI and NSA has revealed that this was likely caused by CIA sloppiness. The investigation was reported by Foreign Policy, which cited “five current and former intelligence officials” who all spoke under the condition of anonymity.

The CIA had decided to repurpose a communication system, which it had previously used for Middle East operations, for its operations in China. However, while the system worked fine in the Middle East, it was not prepared to stand up to Chinese hackers.

It should also be noted that Feinstein and her husband made millions from China during the same period. But, I’m sure that was merely coincidental.