Illegal Alien Avoids Prison for Rape of 12 Year Old Via Deportation

Juan Ramon-Pacheco, a 37-year-old illegal alien from Mexico was arrested and charged with raping his girlfriend’s niece multiple times in 2017.

He will not be going to prison. Instead, he will just be deported back to Mexico where he can take advantage of the open borders policy of the Democrats to reenter the country the next day.

The judge was not overly happy when the DA asked to drop the charges against Ramon-Pacheco but he went along with it in the end. It has become more common for illegals to be deported before they have to stand trial for their crimes.

From Breitbart News

An illegal alien accused of raping a 12-year-old girl in Racine County, Wisconsin, has had charges dropped against him because he is eligible for deportation from the United States.

Juan Ramon-Pacheco, a 37-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, was charged months ago with allegedly raping the 12-year-old daugther of his girlfriend’s sister multiple times throughout the summer of 2017, the Journal Times reported. As a result, Ramon-Pacheco was booked on a $25,000 cash bond and was facing two counts of first-degree rape of a child.

Those child sexual assault charges against Ramon-Pacheco, though, were dropped this year, according to the Journal Times, because he is facing deportation to Mexico:

Despite “a fair amount of reluctance” from Racine Circuit Court Judge Mark Nielsen, he approved the Racine County District Attorney’s Office request to dismiss charges against Ramon-Pacheco on March 22. [Emphasis added]

Nielsen, while dismissing the two counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child under the age of 13, characterized the motion to dismiss the case thusly: “This defendant (Ramon-Pacheco) is going to be deported and won’t be our problem,” he said, according to a court transcript. “(It) simply makes our problem, Mexico’s problem, I suppose.”