IG Report on FISA Abuse Due Out In Next Two Weeks

Unless something arises between now and then IG Michael Horowitz’s Report will be released within the next two weeks.

Horowitz does not have the power to indict anyone, so it will be up to AH Bill Barr and US Attorney John Durham to take it to the next level. That should not take so long considering the pace they have been pushing the investigation in.

Let’s hope so because, in order to keep this all from hurting President Trump in next year’s elections, voters need to see Democrats from the FBI and DOJ indicted. Once indicted, their screams of innocence will not be heard in every corner.

From The Gateway Pundit 

The Justice Department’s Inspector General is expected to release his report on FISA abuse in the next two weeks.

Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo said Sunday morning that IG Michael Horowitz is expected to release his report on FISA abuse in a two week time frame.

Obama’s corrupt DOJ and FBI defrauded the FISA court using a phony Russia dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton in order to spy on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

According to the two-page FISA memo released by House Intelligence member Devin Nunes, Hillary Clinton’s phony dossier played a central role in obtaining a FISA warrant and 3 subsequent renewals on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

In fact, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said under oath that but not for the dossier, the FBI would have never sought a FISA warrant on Carter Page.

To this day, the Hillary-funded Russia dossier has not been verified, but Comey’s FBI still used the salacious and bogus information compiled in the 35-page document to spy on an American citizen.

It is important to note that Inspector General Michael Horowitz does not have the power to indict anyone so his report will be used as a road map for AG Barr and Durham in their Spygate investigation.

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